Herbordt/ Mohren

Alles was ich habe #2: Dear Visitor

The second episode of Alles was ich habe (All That I Have) arranges all the archived material to an accessible landscape. As the last remaining protagonist, the visitor passes through the draft of a world that is about to be formulated. Oscillating between questions, objects, and squared sheets of paper, between audio guides and left messages, new dialogues begin: silent talks about how the world we knew could also continue to exist.

The archived material is inventoried and sorted in relation to the questions. A walk through the exhibition passes by an empty archive, a panorama of words, countless lists, pretending to represent the content of the archive, a short film essay called Alles was ich habe #2: Dear Visitor (All That I Have #2: Dear Visitor), a pile of letters addressed to the visitor. The following room presents a selection of questions: how to continue; what is about to come; where could we meet; who is about to speak; what are worlds made of; who is at all listening and aren’t we alone?

All that I have #2: Dear Visitor provides time and space for a last inventory of something that could become real—constructed out of approximately one kilometer of wood, 170 questions, several objects, 957 squared sheets of paper, 75 meters of inventory lists, and three audio guides.

Alles was ich habe #2: Dear Visitor, 2010

Concept, archive, text, sound, video: Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt
Space: Leonie Mohr, Hannes Hartmann
Special thanks to Nadine Jäger, Konstantin Lom, and the Schauspiel Stuttgart

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