Olivier Menanteau

Among the Researchers

In my photographs, I look into the hierarchical structures of social spaces. I observe these with an eye to spatial organization, through architecture, furniture, design, etc., while also considering the way the people interacting therein comport themselves physically. Among the Researchers references two of four segments within a project dedicated to spaces of science, communication, and teaching.

Here, I juxtapose photographs of lectures, conferences, and such that I captured in 2004 at Berlin’s Institute for Advanced Study with pictures from the CHARM project (Coastal Habitats and Resources) in Thailand, which I followed from 2006 to 2008. On the one hand, a noble, exclusive temple of science and, on the other, an exchange project on economic, commercial, and ecological questions initiated by the Thai government and the European Union, in which local citizens were involved.

Among the Researchers, 2004–2008 (2010)

Das Feld Gegenüber/ Am Andamanensee, Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin/ The CHARM Project, Thailand Three ink-jet prints, 120 x 300 cm each

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